The Muscular twin : Bajaj Pulsar 220 StreetFighter Review

Based on Bajaj`s powerful 220 iteration, The “Street Fighter” (that’s what Bajaj likes calling it) fits snugly in the gap between Pulsar 180 and 220.Its a perfect a substitute for those who still long for the limited-edition Pulsar 200.So with an attractive pricing and razor-sharp looks, Can it really be the “Balboa” of Streets?,


The fairing has been stripped and the Muscular naked fairing has taken its place. The bike comparatively looks a lot beefed up and muscular. Something like how SRK looks with 6 packs compared to how he used to look before. But the second half of the bike remains boring as it’s the same old design that has been there for some time now. Now, if you look at the bike from front, you cannot possibly make out the difference between the “Street Fighter” 220 and the “Commuter” 150 which is a negative score. And the same issue is reported when you see the bike from behind…If people at Bajaj are reading this, we understand you make great use of platform technology but please let the customer who pays a hefty sum for your street performance get some difference from the one who buys the commuter class.


Nothing has changed from the Pulsar`s 220cc mill. The bike is a maniac’s delight. One tends to enjoy the midrange at 4000 rpm. The engine although feels more aggressive because of the reduced weight. This helps the pulling capacity of the naked over the faired iteration. Also the fuel efficiency has improved though not that it would qualify to beat the commuter classes. The vibrations felt on the 220 have been diminished. Also reaching the top whack of 147kmph takes lesser efforts. The fun elements in Pulsars have not been reduced which is the best part……. 8/10

Ride and Handling:

The absence of a fairing has improved the handling of the bike. It’s more agile compared to its Faired cousin. The suspensions again have been retained and they do a better job to compensate the bulky fairing. Although it’s been rumored that the next generation Pulsars will have Mono-Shocks and I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on those. Considering the bike`s weight, it can be hustled around very smoothly. Also when it comes to peg scraping angles of lean, one can maneuver the bike with confidence. This new version gives you a belief that it’s secure and planted…..9/10


This is the part that I have been waiting to talk about. The Pulsar 220 S is priced at Rs.79,000 (ex showroom Mumbai) . This is lesser than its faired sibling Rs.82,000 (ex-showroom Mumbai). So it means that the affordability of the 220 has come down, which is a huge plus point. Considering the pricing part only, the other options that you can lay your hands on are TVS Apache RTR 180, Yamaha FZ-16. So it’s a definite winner among the others as it’s a higher displacement and a better performing bike. My votes are in for Pulsar 220 S,, It’s the real “Street Fighter” of the Indian roads.

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