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A scooter is what you scoot on. They are usually cheaper than motorcycles. (Don’t bring the Vespa here now) and are convenient to ride. So how does it matter how much power it makes. Honestly, it might just fasten the process of you reaching the grocery store to get milk, biscuits etc. But then the new Suzuki Access 125 promises a lot more than just that. Suzuki has made the Access 125 look more snappy than before as well as made the motor more refined. There are other changes too. Let’s take a look at all of them in our review.

Suzuki Access 125 Design: Newer but not too different

Not that I had an issue with the way the Suzuki Access 125 looked before this iteration came in. Yes, there was a vanilla theme in the design that made the Suzuki Access 125 look like just another offering in the parking lot. But for the new one, Suzuki has made an attempt to make it look more upmarket and premium. The favourite two words that one is looking for in everything these days.

The apron features a distinct profile while the headlight is positioned at a greater height, due to the new taller handlebar, and comes with a chrome surround. Honestly, the chrome ornamentation looks good only in contrasting dark shades. Moving on to the side, the Suzuki Access 125 gets plastic panels on the side whereas the apron and front mudguard are still in metal. And this in turn has contributed to an impressive weight saving on the scooter. The profile of the side panel looks better as it flows at an incline however the entire effects gets an offset with an almost horizontal exhaust. There is a chunky chrome section on the exhaust too.

While the design of the new Suzuki Access 125 does try hard to look newer than what it was, we feel it does remind heavily of the previous iteration. However, where the new Suzuki Access 125 gets our attention is the build quality, fit and finish. There are some areas where the Suzuki Access 125 leaves the more popular Honda Activa behind by a huge margin.

Suzuki Access 125 Performance

The new Suzuki Access 125 retains its 4-stroke, single-cylinder 124cc motor that makes 8.7 PS at 7,000rpm and generates 10.2Nm at 5,000rpm. Just to add a perspective, the Honda Activa 125 makes 8.60PS at 6,500 rpm and produces 10.12 Nm at 5000 rpm. The numbers are quite similar. The updated motor on the Suzuki Access 125 makes the same numbers as the earlier model but the refinement levels as well as the efficiency has been increased, is what the manufacturer claims. This is indeed true as we compared the new Access 125 with its earlier model (Yes, we have supportive readers) and the improved refinement levels are indeed impressive.

Starting from halt, the engine doesn’t feel under any stress and produces enough power to reach higher speeds. The weight reduction that has been achieved by the use of fiber has produced fantastic results. The lower and mid-range performance have improved substantially. And these are the most important aspects in a city scooter coz if you are looking for highway performance, there is a different option that we will reveal in our next review.

The motor revvs nicely and makes enough performance to smoothly commute around. But that has not affected the efficiency of the Suzuki Access 125. While Suzuki claims that the Access 125 can deliver 63kmpl, if only that was the real world result, nonetheless our test runs revealed a model 55kmpl overall. And that is a good number for sure.

And it is not just the refinement and the efficiency that grabbed our attention, it is also the way the Suzuki Access 125 rides and handles. The lesser weight and the slight increase in torque has made the Access 125 even more desirable than before. It gets telescopic shock absorbers in the front which does a fantastic job of ironing the disturbances caused by the tarmac. In fact, the Suzuki Access 125 offers way better ride than almost all 125cc scooters sold in India.

Suzui Access 125 Verdict: Best of both worlds

Suzuki has been selling both the previous and the updated Access 125 scooters across its dealerships in India. You have to shell out Rs 71,911 for the new Suzuki Access 125 with disc brakes while the drum brakes variant is priced at Rs 68,043. The previous version which is on sale is priced at Rs 69,924 (with disc brakes) and Rs 66,055 (with drum brakes). In addition, there is also a base variant which is priced at 63,771, on-road prices, Mumbai.

Overall, the Suzuki Access 125 is a very well equipped scooter that has the right mix of practicality, reliability and performance. Even in terms of pricing, the Suzuki Access 125 is slotted below the Honda Activa 125 by close to Rs 2,500 and that too tips the scale in favor of the former. Our recommendation among the two, therefore, is the Suzuki Access 125.

Detailed images of Suzuki Access 125

The chrome surround around the squarish headlight of the Suzuki Access 125


Switch gear quality of the Suzuki Access 125 is impressive


A mobile charging socket in the Suzuki Access 125


The wide carpet area makes the Suzuki Access 125 a more practical option


That’s where you keep the mobile phone, but can flip over speed breakers


With our helmet and gloves, the sit couldn’t be shut


Rubber foot pegs on the Suzuki Access 125 provide sufficient grip


Disc brakes are offered only on the premium variant of the Suzuki Access 125

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