Product review: Leiidor riding jacket, after 5 months

The motorcycle segment in India has witnessed a strong growth. This is not just in terms of the numbers of two-wheelers that have been rolled out of the showrooms but also the types of two-wheelers that are present in the market. In present day, you can buy anything ranging from a supersport, cruiser to the now popular adventure motorcycle at various budgets. Two-wheeler companies have ventured in such different segments for there is a demand of them in the Indian market. While this is a positive sign showing maturity in the modern day consumer demands, the two-wheeler safety gear market has still not grown.

“We normally ride in the city”, “My daily commute is from home to office and back”, “Why do I need a gear? I ride a commuter that doesn’t make much power”, such are the excuses that people come up with when asked the reason for them not using proper riding gear. We can’t blame the consumers completely because the erstwhile options have always been positioned too premium for only a few to be able to afford it. Obviously, someone who can splurge Rs 8 lakh and above will go for a premium riding gear and thus the common belief that only superbikers need riding gear.

We at Performance Factory are involved in reviewing of cars and motorcycles. The later demands the use of proper safety gear. The Leiidor Riding Jacket was a completely new brand for us to trust, in the beginning. But then, as we grew our knowledge about the brand and unpacked the box, we were beginning to get less skeptical. To begin with, the brand has not mushroomed randomly but has its roots in London. They are known to make good quality riding gear for two-wheeler riders and are also vetted by a Brit technical consultant. And as you might be aware, we love the Brits (Starscream, cue music: James Bond theme)

Get it outa the box and we have an all black Leiidor riding jacket with bright highlights. The funky ones out there riding graffiti colored machines might demand for more colours but the best part about the all-black jacket is that it suits all colours of two-wheelers, unless you want enjoy being the “Joker” on/of two-wheelers.

The Leiidor riding jacket comes with sufficient elbow and shoulder protection, something that has been compromised in some of its rival offerings. The other bit that proved to be useful during our rides was the fact that the jacket has moisture absorbent material which soaks in all the sweat that happens during riding under the sun for hours. We have been working on an adventure type motorcycle and for the same, we have been spending extra hours at locations that are not usual. Thankfully, this one is a waterproof jacket as well. Not to forget the mesh construction of the jacket helps channelise the airflow through the jacket also helping the temperatures stay lower than the ambient. To make it further comfortable, it gets a Neoprene piping on the cuff and neck area. The overall built quality of the Leiidor jacket is impressive and the same can be seen with the dual puller zipper, hydra pack pocket at the rear, trouser attachment zipper, overlocked edges and many more.

But what we loved the most about the Leiidor Riding Jacket is the fact that it has numerous storage pockets. Nine to be precise. Additionally, it gets a pouch like section to store documents and also a pockets in the rear that can easily accommodate the inner liner of the jacket, all of which make it a suitable touring choice.

You can get your Leiidor Riding Jacket from any of the leading online shopping portals like Flipkart (click here), Amazon (click here) and Motoadda (click here). The same can also be bought from the Motoadda retail store in Bangalore.

Leiidor Riding jacket product review video:

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