Mahindra Mojo ownership report: Chapter 2

The Mahindra Mojo has been with us for sometime now. And we have already started developing a liking for it. So where did we start our experience to begin with? On a highway, the typical comfort zone for the Mahindra Mojo at least that is what claimed since they call it the sports tourer.

The Mahindra Mojo does have the necessary ingredients to be the best tourer in the segment in India. And that is because of many reasons. The 295cc single-cylinder unit that powers the Mahindra Mojo offers the best combination of performance and sustainability. While the former is already known, the latter is what makes the Mahindra Mojo stand out and also prove to be a better option than the conventional offerings from Royal Enfield and Honda.

The seating position is something that I have not been able to convince myself. It looks right and the correct cushioning too but the way the arch flows from the tank to the rear is what makes it a slight of an odd-ball. Is it much of a bother? For me, yes. While some of my other colleagues do not subscribe that opinion. Our Mahindra Mojo has the dB killer removed and that is the reason it emits an exhaust note similar to bigger 650cc bikes. No exaggeration there. Cranking up the motor is not a smooth experience and this is because of the starter motor in our motorcycle not performing the best in business. The same has also been conveyed to the Mahindra team and they have assured us that this will be taken care of in the next servicing which is due in sometime.

Once the motor is up and revving, the Mojo is an absolute delight. The low end grunt of this motorcycle is easily the best. Some claim that the mellowed response of the motor doesn’t feel as enthusiastic as the KTMs. Well, that is because it is not supposed to. Give a slight twist to the throttle and all those horses in the motor behave like an obedient student. Since we were riding at night, we chose not to push our Mahindra Mojo. Saving it for our next report 😉

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