Mahindra Mojo ownership report: Chapter 3

“Arre, yeh kab aayi?……nayi hai kya?”, asked a passerby when he spotted our Mahindra Mojo in Nasik. Yes, the motorcycle has still not been launched in my hometown. But I won’t start to criticize Mahindra 2 Wheelers for the same. You need to understand that the going has not been that easy for Mahindra in the two-wheeler front. While the brand is doing good in the Moto3 World Championship, thanks to the efforts put into Mahindra Racing SpA by Mufaddal Choonia.

So they make racing motorcycles too? asked a gentleman with whom I was talking about Mahindra 2 Wheelers. He was mighty surprised at hearing that information. I added to it, Sir, they now own the iconic brands BSA and Java. And that might be the premium wing of motorcycles from the Indian brand to take on competition from domestic and international front.

Alright, back to our Mahindra Mojo. I am sure that you must have read our grand tourish style escapade on the Mojo in the northern part of our country. If not, here is the link to the Desert Trail expedition. So when I returned to my hometown, the bike had not been used for sometime, you know how the life of an automobile journo is (trying really hard to be humble). The ebony shade of the generous 21-litre tank had lost its lustre. The first thing i did was get it washed thoroughly. I personally enjoy these sessions as this helps me understand the motorcycle in a better way. Now it was time for the motor to be cranked. There, those 27 horses got on their rear feet to give me a standing ovation of some sort. A small twist and the motor was ready to go all guns.

While the last report was about the highway performance, I decided to ride it in and around the city. At 165kg, the Mahindra Mojo is heavier than the KTM Duke series but is comparable to the Honda CBR 250R. In fact, it is way lighter than the Bajaj Dominar 400 that weighs 182Kg. The ligher weight of the Mahindra Mojo makes it an easy going machine around the narrow lanes and tight corners. And helping it dodge the city traffic is the smooth revving motor paired with a equally smooth transmission. It does have the lower end grunt but to feel the punch of the motor, one has to push the throttle to make it close in on the red line. It does manage to catch higher speeds with great ease. There are minor niggles concerning brakes and pick-up and we believe that shall be sorted in the servicing of the Mahindra Mojo which it is due for in the next couple of weeks.

Mahindra Mojo Long Term Recap:



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