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If you are in the market for buying a scooter for your dear one or for yourself, chances are that you might settle in for the winged Japanese scooter. Why? You have seen your neighbors riding it, spotted quite a lot in city or perhaps seen Khiladi Kumar swooning about it.

Performance Factory - Mahindra Gusto Review

Widen your horizon and you can see the other options in the buzzing scooter market. The two wheeler commuter scooter segment has seen a lot of action in the recent months with many of the big manufacturers launching their new products to cash in on the ever increasing demands. Going strong with the Make in India campaign, Mahindra Two Wheelers have followed suit and introduced their first in the competitive 110cc scooter segment

Their 125cc range has done a fair bit of brand building. This latest offering targets to further strengthen Mahindra’s expanding and encouraging two-wheeler line up. Conceived for the world and designed and manufactured in the country is the all new Gusto. Does it bring a Gust of fresh wind? We reveal…

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Mahindra Gusto Design and Style

The Mahindra Gusto has been developed from scratch at Mahindra’s premier Research Centre in Pune. Designers have made sure this one doesn’t resemble its siblings in any form with a special mention of the Italian design inputs. To begin with, it gets a clichéd design in terms of styling and we feel it is deliberate. Instead of looking highly glossy and glamorous, the Gusto chooses to look functionally mundane.

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The headlight, which also gets a segment first LED lights, appears interesting. It may not have lines flowing in unison but leave an impact. The front, however, loses points for being high on faux elements like the dummy air vents. The front apron also sports uniquely shaped clear lens indicators. The side panels seem to have derived their inspiration from its winged rival and so does the tail lamp. Dimensionally, it is longer as 1825mm. Occupants also enjoy more space with a wheelbase of 1275mm which is also greater.

The design might not be to everyone’s liking but the Gusto makes up for it with its unique offerings like the height-adjustable seat. India’s first to sport it and really innovative of the company to have thought about it. Raise the seat, adjust the knob and set the desired position for seating which is very useful for both tall and short riders. The difference in positions is precisely 35mm.

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The wide and well cushioned seat is extremely comfortable on long rides. Unlike other scooters, the seats open in an inverse fashion giving easy access to storage and fuel lid. One can easy snuggle just a helmet in that petite storage area. To aid the rear pillion, there is a strong grab rail to hold onto. The instrumental panel houses analogue speedometer, odometer and a fuel gauge too. Just beneath the panel comes a quick storage for storing miscellaneous articles like parking tickets, bills etc.

Mahindras have a legacy of making reliable SUVs and they seemed to have borrowed a thing or two from the same while making sure the Gusto can take on roads like none. Ditching the conventional piddly 10inch wheels, it comes in large 12inch wheels for the front and rear with tubeless tyres. Adding to that, it also gets telescopic front suspensions and hydraulic coil type for the rear. Both of them strive hard to make sure the chassis and the body is disconnected from uneven undulations. Even the position of the Kick-starter is the other way round like a motorcycle helping the rider to start it while being seated.

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Mahindra Gusto Ride and Handling

Mahindra takes great pride and rightfully in mentioning that the Gusto is powered by an all new 110cc engine developed in-house at their research facility. We had amazing expectations from the Gusto, as the company has spent close to two years fine tuning it. The 109.6 cc air cooled M-Tec single cylinder engine generates 8 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and 9Nm of torque at 5500 rpm.

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The mill doesn’t feel high on enthusiasm especially at lower engine speeds where the vehicle feels a lot heavier but once it reaches comfortable cruising speed, it is a great commuter. The throttle response is very linear. The Jupiter scores more in terms of a quicker response but the vibration level on the Gusto is fairly lower than both its rivals.

Despite being an all new engine, it feels way more refined. The Gusto is primarily for the intra-city commute as it gives the rider maximum comfort while riding in city. It has an easy turning handle with a short turning radius, which is of great help especially while maneuvering the scooter around tight spaces. The ability to take potholes and succumb to stress of rough roads comes from the heavy duty front telescopic front shock absorbers.

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This 110cc unit exhibits great confidence at higher speeds even on ascending terrains. The rider seats upright on the Gusto and has decent area knew the knee recess. The advantage of larger wheels is felt when you finally manage to land inside a pothole. Other scooters tend to lose control but not the Gusto as it comes with a ground clearance of 165mm.

Mahindra Gusto Verdict

List out all the things that the Gusto brings on the table and it feels impressive. In terms of utility, wide cushy seats with decent storage space does the rightful. The 110cc engine definitely makes it to the most reliable ones we have driven. Mahindra claims an ARAI approved mileage of 63 kmpl but we got a more realistic 45 kmpl with mixed style of driving.

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Mahindra Two Wheeler has a humble start but with newer products, they have managed to make a mark in the two wheeler industry in India. A fully loaded VX Gusto with all the goodies, which include height adjustable seat, remote flip Key and find me feature can be availed for Rs. 49,187 while the base variant DX is priced at Rs. 45,187 (Ex-Showroom Mumbai).

Test Rider and Words: Apoorv Kudtarkar

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