Hyosung Aquila 250 Review: First Ride

Back in 2003, it was a brave attempt by Hyosung to launch the 250cc Aquila in India. The market then didn’t have an eye for high performance motorcycles as it was still dabbling in the 150cc segment and thus the Aquila was tagged as an “expensive” alternative.

Hyosung Aquila 250 Images PF (17) POSTER

Blame it on the market that Hyosung couldn’t get a fair chance to prove its true potential. The unfair past has not put any brakes on Hyosung’s daring Indian plans. They are back and with a big bang. They have a model line-up of 6 motorcycles which include a naked street sports bike, supersports bikes and cruisers. We decided to hop on one of them and what better than the newly launched Aquila 250 cruiser.

Hyosung Aquila 250 Design and Style

This 250cc cruiser can make you spend some time just gazing at it. Hyosung has made sure that the Aquila 250 looks like a poster perfect bike. A relaxed stance with chunky design elements and enough chrome to make a style statement, the Aquila 250 scores heavily on design.

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At 2282mm length, the Aquila 250 promises a comfortable ride quality. It comes in three different colours a red black combo, white and black. Thankfully, we had the white. I wasn’t a big fan of the white colour but I have steadily realised that white actually helps highlight the minute details of the motorcycle which otherwise get camouflaged by darker shades.

Inverted front shock absorbers look strong and are finished in high gloss chrome. It gets a circular clear lens clean reflector headlight. The wide handle bars look stylish and give it a classic cruiser feel. Mirrors along with the instrumental cluster are done in chrome.

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See it at its length and the longish design really makes the Aquila 250 look impressive. The tear drop shaped fuel tank has solid design cues from bigger cruisers. Black seats are very artistically finished with a contrasting red lining. The engine, exhaust manifold and the silencer have been treated with dollops of chrome. Even the faux vents fixed under the fuel tank have strong chrome accents highlighting EFI .

Silver alloy wheels clubbed with 110/90 R16 and 150/80 R15 Shinko tyres look impressive. The complicated yet beautiful manifold pipes running across the engine and meeting to form one chunky silencer look pretty neat. It’s the silencer which gets all the attention on one side of the bike while the chrome chain cover gets all the eyes on the other side.

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Hyosung Aquila 250 Ride and Handling

Hop on the Aquila and it feels good. The riding stance is very comfortable. Even though it is a small cruiser on paper but then it doesn’t feel like one. Wide butterfly handles and relaxed foot pegs offer great cruising comfort.

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The switch gear quality is not the best when it comes to competition. They lack the soft click and smooth slide of premium bikes. One might have found me raving the use of chrome on different parts but then the only area I feel Hyosung should have been low on chrome is on the instrumental cluster. There is a strong reason for the same. During day light the instrumental cluster reflects sunlight on the rider’s face. We tried tackling this with different riding adjustments but still couldn’t escape it.

After strapping our riding gear, we were all set to ride this 250cc cruiser. Get the motor started and the muffled exhaust note gets audible. Rev the engine and the note gets thinner but it gives a feeling that the motor wants to be revved harder, which little is confusing especially for a cruiser motorcycle.

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If you are tall and are used to riding bigger motorcycles then manoeuvring the Aquila won’t be an issue. In traffic, its large dimensions are manageable though some riders would find the foot peg position stretched out but few kms of riding and one gets used to it. Since this motorcycle is meant to hug highways and not battle city traffic, steering the bike through it would need some practice.

This V-Twin Cylinder 249cc Oil Cooled FI engine of the Aquila 250 produces a peak power of 26.21 bhp at 9500 rpm and a torque of 21.37 Nm at 7000 rpm. It has a 5 speed gearbox. A typical cruiser will have a good low end torque which goes blunt at higher engine speeds but then the Aquila does not believe in being typical.

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Twist the throttle hard and the coarse firing of the cruiser transforms into a pulsy sportbike exhaust note. It is at high engine speeds where the torque delivery comes into play. Keep the tacho needle floating at about 6k mark and you can pull off overtaking manoeuvres with great ease. There is only one problem which would stop you from seeing the max speed and that is vibrations. At higher speeds, the power delivery gets better but then the vibrations too increase simultaneously and gets evident.

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The Aquila 250 feels nice at mid range engine speeds. Lower riding position and ground clearance are clearly meant for long undisturbed stretches of highways. If you plan to buy it for your office commute then you might end up complaining but then if this is your weekend ride, there would be some smiling for sure.

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The suspensions can handle uneven roads but not challenging surfaces like speed breakers and potholes. The ride quality is decent. The Shinko tyres surprisingly offered good grip even while turning at high speeds. Though there is a pillion seat too, it is not of great comfort. The Aquila 250 is primarily a solo rider machine unless your pillion has a petite structure. Our pillion passenger got his jeans burnt cause of the macho silencer and there he refused to sit on it anymore 😛

Hyosung Aquila 250 Verdict

The Aquila is one of the best looking quarter litre cruisers available in the country. Its old school big bike design will impress everyone. The cruiser borrows its powertrain from its sporty sibling GT250R and that is the main reason for the engine to feel so rev happy.

Hyosung Aquila 250 PF Pose

It has its share of lows too like the switchgear quality needs improvement. Considering almost all bikes at this price come with the most modern equipment and the Aquila 250 lacks some of them like ABS and rear disc brakes. But on the flip side, at a price of Rs.2.82 lakhs, the Aquila 250 is the most affordable V-Twin cruiser one can get. With a classic styling like that and a Big Bike feel, the Aquila 250 can be your weekend getaway.

2014 Hyosung Aquila 250 Image Gallery

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