Hero Maestro Edge Review

Hero Maestro Edge Review: Scooters are often seen with a judgmental look of them being apt for the fairer sex which is not completely fair sighting the benefits they offer for everyday use. You can carry articles, manoeuvre between humans and park it almost anywhere. They are light, zippy and can be ridden perhaps even inside a house. But still… it is not a boy thing.

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Not anymore as Hero MotoCorp has made an attempt to create something to suit specifically to the taste of the enthusiastic male generation. Based on a new platform, the Maestro Edge is a sporty, macho and athletic offering which boasts of lines inspired from a motorcycle. We take a first look.

Hero Maestro Edge: Design and Styling

This one doesn’t look like your sister’s ride as Hero designers have made sure that the Maestro Edge looks significantly different from the Duet and distinctly separate from the standard Maestro. Just above the large clear lens headlamp, there is a solid glossy temple cover. The headlights also get position lamps. The apron area gets a mix match of fiber and matte plastic along with profile lines to give it more character as well as lend the sheet some strength.

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The front wheel fender is motorcycle like which makes it look sporty and stylish. The Maestro Edge runs on 90/90 R12 front and 90/100 R10 rear tubeless tyres with alloy wheels. The wheels come with a matte black shade and look nice and contrasting with the paint shade. One more interesting bit of info is that the company has chosen to use plastic for Maestro Edge unlike the all metal Duet and the main reason for that is improved agility and handling; the quintessential to impress an enthusiast.

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I might sound biased but personally the Maestro Edge made a strong connect with me and the reason for that is the complex yet simple arrangement of lines on the side. It doesn’t look like a clichéd offering from Hero MotoCorp and instead has an international appeal. The front telescopic forks, front and rear foot pegs have a brushed aluminium finish. The Maestro Edge gets a solid 3D model logo neatly layered over the rear profile. Not to ignore, the beefy exhaust muffler which again takes inspiration from motorcycles.

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The rear gets an LED tail lamp and is large in layout. In fact, the overall size of the snazzy tail lights nearly equals that of hatchbacks. The larger reflectors and LEDs make sure the illumination is at its peak in the night. It gets a strong handle and also a provision for external fuel filling without having to lift the seat. The fuel lid is covered by a flap and can be unlocked with the help of the multi-utility key.

Hero Maestro Edge: Features

The cluster of Maestro Edge has been kept at its minimal best and offers dual layout of digital as well as analog display; the digits and information at extremely lucid to read. It also displays turn indicator, side stand indicator and high beam on the cluster. The multi function key offers functions such as steering lock, boot lock and fuel lid opener.

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Right under the seat, there is enough space to store all the mundane articles. We did manage to squeeze in a large size riding helmet too. The Maestro Edge also offers a 3.0 USB charging slot along with a small light to illuminate in dark conditions. Adding more convenience is the pass light function that comes handy while overtaking.

Hero Maestro Edge Review: Performance, Ride and Handling

Under the seat of the Maestro Edge sits a brand new motor developed in-house by the team at Hero MotoCorp and indeed they have done a marvellous job. This 110.9cc air-cooled, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder engine makes 8.31 bhp of power at 8000 rpm and generates 8.30 Nm of torque at 6500rpm. The motor comes paired with a vario-drive transmission with auto clutch. On paper, the info and numbers do not read as radical as they feel on real road conditions.

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The motor has a strong response to a mild crack of throttle which is good and can be felt at best while riding solo. However, there is an understandable lag at initial speeds where in the motor takes in some time to build the necessary momentum but let it get properly fired up and there would be no complaints as such.

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The test track wasn’t vast spread for us to test the true potential of the Maestro Edge however, with the brief period for which we had it; the strength of the newly built chassis got highlighted. It does handle better than the Hero Duet and this has been achieved with the deduction of weight by smart use of plastics in its external body construction.

Similar to the Duet, the Maestro Edge too benefits from the newly developed integrated braking system. The system works effectively to make sure the vehicle is brought to a halt without any disruption even from higher speeds. The suspension setup of hydraulic shock absorber in front and unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic damper on the rear took in all the undulations felt. In terms of mileage, the Maestro Edge delivers 65+ kmpl as claimed officially. Not bad for an everyday scooter.

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Hero Maestro Edge: Verdict

The Hero Maestro Edge comes with multiple additions over the standard Maestro to make it appear sporty and funky. The Maestro Edge is priced at INR 51,502 ex-showroom for the VX variant. The difference in price compared to the standard version isn’t much as Hero doesn’t want any of the products to suffer from each other. Thus, the standard version will target the more matures class while the Edge will be aimed at youngsters.

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Talking of rivals, it is essentially the Honda Activa which sits above the leadership throne. The Maestro Edge has the entire necessary armoury to put up a strong fight and to back it up; Hero’s exhaustive list of dealerships paired with their ever growing presence of service network makes it a strong contender. Will it have an Egde over others is something that we need to see.

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