Ford EcoSport Review : Urban Ride

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the car was “this looks smaller”. The night before drive in Goa, we were shown the car in flesh. So how does the most anticipated car look in real? Images of the orange car had already flooded the virtual space.

The EcoSport as designer, Ehab Kaoud puts it has been made with lot of international inspirations. All the cars will have a generic skeleton and design which is similar across all models and the EcoSport too endorses the same. The flowing design lines on the EcoSport are a result of the company’s international design language.

Performance Factory : Ford EcoSport

Wide hood line conveys a motion in still image. The headlamps are dynamically styles and are very slim in construction. The high mounted trapezoidal grille gives the signature Ford Face to this urban SUV. Blacked window lines and a tight glass area makes the EcoSport look a very tightly knitted vehicle.

Contemporary SUVs may lack a spare tyre but then a classic SUV always has one and so does the EcoSport. The main idea behind this was to save in space for rear cargo section. It has very sleekly designed rear tail lamps with a smart button on it to make it a practical yet stylish design


Interiors of the EcoSport are as evolving as the exteriors. The controls and knobs have been designed specifically keeping the ease of use in mind. The dashboard gets the Icy Blue illumination which is at tandem with its international counterparts. Detailing in terms of trim finish, seat fabrics has been done meticulously. The Top of the line titanium variant also offers the consumers different options to choose from such as cloth and leather.

The seats of EcoSport are indeed very comfortable and assure of no fatigue on lang journeys. The designers claim to have designed the support and contours of the seat to provide adequate support and comfort. The headroom is very good. The legroom can be a bit of an issue especially for tall passengers.


EcoSport will also have India first feature of a lifetime Emergency Assist feature will contact 108 in terms of an emergency situation such as collisions. Ford has tied up with GVK to make sure this service is at its optimum best. It also have a better SYNC system with intelligent voice command system unlike the one on Fiesta which failed to identify certain dialects.

This one also has the award winning smallest 3 cylinder 1 litre engine made by Ford called the EcoBoost. Other options such as the 1.5 Petrol TiVCT and TDCi are also available. The Ecoboost engine has won accolades and awards on international waters so expectations from it are super high.


The Ecoboost engine is super for bumper to bumper traffic chaotic conditions but then on highways it lacks the punch. The handling and suspension quality is fantastic. The only downside is the lack of steering feel.

Inspite of it being a tall car, there is no body roll what so ever and it can easily take banking angles with some great ease. Overall, the verdict is in favor of the EcoSport and it will posses to be a strong player in the Indian market.

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