Mahindra Roxor will go places where regular SUVs won’t

It was last year when Mahindra announced developing an all-new Roxor SUV that was being developed at the Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) in Detroit. While it was being speculated that the all-new Mahindra Roxor is based on the Thar SUV, the first set of images along with the video now prove the same. However, Mahindra has not gone all out announcing it. The Mahindra Roxor is only for the US market, for now, and is not road legal.

Yes, that’s right. The Mahindra Roxor is strictly for off-road use. In terms of safety, the Mahindra Roxor doesn’t come with any except for a roll cage. Mahindra claims that the Roxor has a top speed of 45mph (~72kmph) with a towing speed of 24kmph. These numbers might appear lower but the purpose of the Mahindra Roxor is to serve on tough terrains and challenging surfaces and not on smooth piece of tarmac.

The Mahindra Roxor is powered by a Turbo Diesel m2DiCR 2.5L engine that makes 62PS at 3,200rpm and generates 195Nm of torque between 1,400 to 2,200rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The Mahindra Roxor can be optioned with a 4- or a 2-wheel drivetrain.

Mahindra was making such vehicles under official license from Willys for the Asia region. And that is the reason why Mahindra can still come out with offerings like the Roxor. The company states that the Mahindra Roxor has been completely developed by MANA in Detroit. However, its resemblance to the Mahindra Thar sold in India cannot be ignored completely.

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