Mahindra Mojo ownership report: Chapter 1

We at Performance Factory have always believed that the Mojo is a brave attempt by the Indian automobile manufacturer, Mahindra. Instead of using the normal route of gradually introducing a performance oriented bike, Mahindra Two-Wheelers chose to launch it at an early stage in their timeline. Our first ride experience with this naked street tourer left us highly impressed. And now we have got a chance to experience it for a brief period.


The way it looks makes the Mahindra Mojo stand tall among its peers in traffic. In addition, the amount of attention it gets and the level of curiosity the Mojo generates is unparalleled. The twin-pod headlights paired with LED positioning lights gives it a distinct front, almost similar to the early generation Triumph Street Triple (no exaggeration there!) The chunky 21-litre fuel tank, which is a boon for the mile munchers, is a muscular addition to the side profile. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of the odd-ball silhouette with front heavy and a petite rear design however this arrangement slowly grows on you until you start appreciating it.

The Mojo uses a 295cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled DOHC motor which makes 25 bhp at an engine speed of 8000 rpm. The rear wheel makes use of 30Nm of torque generated at 5500 rpm. It comes paired with a 6-speed transmission. This newly developed engine has been fine tuned with exhaustive testing on Indian roads, said Mahindra at the time of its first ride experience.

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Get the motor hot and the exhaust note that this brand new motor makes is simply amazing, way better than the rattling tune of the KTM series. The motor does feel refined and has enough potential to be tuned further. However, in the present state of tune, the 295cc unit takes a short moment before flexing out its muscles and enter the mid-range which is the Mojo’s comfort zone. Push the throttle a bit hard and the motor exudes strong confidence. Buzzing through city traffic happens without any effort. Even though the Mojo weighs a good 165kg, it doesn’t feel as heavy in city which makes it a practical solution. Aiding this feeling are the Pirelli Daiblo Rosso II Tubeless tyres which stick to the tarmac. The brakes could have done with more bite and ABS too is needed for a bike like this, but we believe Mahindra is working on it and the next iterations will start featuring it. Overall, our experience with the Mahindra Mojo has a started on a good note. We will elaborate more on the different aspects in our chapters ahead.

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