Axor Stealth helmet: After one month and 15 days

We at Performance Factory are into reviewing automobiles and share the experience of the same with our patrons and fan base. While it is all about the fastest and the best motorcycles that gain all our attention, there is another aspect about motorcycle journalism, that goes unnoticed. And that’s safety. All the testing and reviewing of motorcycles are not complete without making sure, we are kitted properly.

Vega helmets are a well known name when it comes to make the best helmets in India. It might not be known to all but Vega has a high end helmet division known as Axor. This brand caters to the needs of leisure and speed for the ones who seek premium gears, without compromising on safety. When we got the Axor Stealth, we did have some reservations about the helmet. However, with a brand like Vega to back it up, Axor helmets can not be anything but reliable.

The Axor Stealth helmet came neatly packed with the right supporting to prevent it from getting damaged during transit. Yes, we are talking about packing, since it is not the best feeling to order a helmet and get it in the damaged state. The Axor Stealth is priced at Rs 5993 , which does position it in the premium segment compared to the other Vega products.

The first impression of the Axor Stealth is positive. The fit and finish is impressive and it comes with a nice glossy shade. The Axor Stealth is available in two shades, black orange and black neon green. We chose the former as it matches with our upcoming raid motorcycle concept that we have been working for some time now.

We will be telling you more in our subsequent chapters of using the helmet.

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